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What is Truth?

Saying goodbye to the Vatican Vamps, outside Nice N Sleazy, after our first SIC PROMOTIONS show at the 13th Note in Glasgow

“The old man turned off the radio said, "Where did all of the old songs go

Kids sure play funny music these days. They play it in the strangest ways"

Said, "it looks to me like they've all gone wild, It was peaceful back when I was a child"

Well, man, could it be that the girls and boys, Are trying to be heard above your noise?

And the lonely voice of youth cries "What is truth?"

Johnny Cash

Hello to you, our partners in the Gospel.

We think of you daily as we go about living what God has called us to, and what you so generously support through your prayers and financial support. It has been 3 months since our last newsletter, and it is amazing how when we serve God and answer His call, that time seems to both slow down and speed up at the same time!

So many ideas and deadlines clutter our brains, but when we pause to write newsletters, when we take time out to earnestly seek Him each day, He, in His gentle yet authoritative way gives us peace, and reassures us that His ways are not ours, His timing is not ours, His priorities are not ours, His measure of success is not ours, and His glory is all that matters. What a weight off of all of our shoulders!!!

It is also easy when parenting, working, and ministering to forget to keep a journal of all the prayers prayed, conversations had, plans made, tasks completed, and it is easy for us all to struggle to think of what any of us could put in a Newsletter.

Fortunately, writing the newsletter itself is a chance for us to pause and think about what God has actually done, while our minds race and clutter up with all the ideas and deadlines we set for ourselves.

So happy reading, and please know that the ministry we are involved in is hard, excruciatingly so at times, it can be incredibly draining, it can be discouraging, and exasperating, BUT, your support is one of the most crucial ways in which God spurs us on, gives us strength, and energises us to never EVER give up. Thank you.

Lots of love from Stuart, Lynsey, Indie, and Hiromi x x x x

Enjoying the build up to the first ever SIC PROMOTIONS show

SIC Promotions

Sharing is Caring

We need to be amongst the people we want to reach, in their music and art venues, pubs, cafes and festivals. We need to serve them, let our light shine before them, and let them see our good works so they can praise our Father in heaven.

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of SIC Promotions, ( coming soon).

With God’s influence, we believe, giving our sceptical, cynical, and angry creatives the space to develop their work, collaborate with others, share their work with others, and experience a healthy loving community, gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel, and that God will draw to us the people He wants us to reach.

We launched on Wednesday 4th April, with a show featuring Vatican Vamps (Denver Colorado), Rodent Emporium (Stuart’s band), and Butler’s Experiment.

It was a great success, each band received £20 from the door takings, the venue staff received £20 as a thank you (they were amazed we even gave them anything), and The Glasgow City Mission received a £40 donation for their work with the homeless. The attendance was good for a midweek show, and a few folks didn’t show due to snow in their hometowns. Vatican Vamps are connected to us through Scum of the Earth Church, Denver. Their presence and our ministry together was wonderful, there was a real sense that God was present and at work on the night.

There is more to come, and you will hear about this in the next couple of weeks 😊

The girls enjoying their life in the car. A familiar place for them, what with their mum and dad driving all over the place for Scum.

What is Truth? (Glasgow and Bathgate)

Every day He was teaching at the temple,

but folks were trying to kill Him

What is Truth? Is a step closer to engaging with Christ for our people than SIC PROMOTIONS.

An opportunity for anyone who is willing to have a civil debate and discussion around the subject of truth, to meet us in a pub, for a drink, maybe some food, and have a discussion around a variety of topics, that wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of Star Trek, The X Files, or Fact or Fiction.

Christmas holidays, new year holidays, lack of child care, and terrible prolonged weather problems, meant that our Scum Chat meetings stopped in December, with little opportunity to start them back up again, until now.

We used that time to ask God if He wanted us to continue, We wanted to continue, and hoped He would say yes.

He did say yes, and He even gave us a new name for it, and a fuller explanation of what it is and how we should do it.

You can learn more about it by visiting, a better fb ID will be added soon. ( coming soon)

We are soberly excited about this, if God is teaching us anything these days, it is, ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’. This could see droves of people coming to an anti-mainstream pub in Glasgow to, talk, hear the word of God, and actually engage with Him, or it could just remain as Lynsey and I building relationships with the venue staff.

We hope for the former, and can live with the latter, both are sharing the Gospel, and God will do what He needs to do.

Nice N Sleazy’s is the venue in Glasgow, for good reason. Glenda the manager and her staff are on our hearts and in our prayers, James (an old acquaintance/social friend) is, the venues event booker, and is in a popular Glasgow band, with connections throughout Glasgow. To be honest we don’t care about that so much as we care about seeing him and the rest of the staff more often, putting on shows, and really building on these relationships.

In Bathgate we’re going to try out The Foundry (a pub), it’s not ideal, but there are limited options in the area.

After much thought and prayer we realised that the Glenmavis Tavern just wasn’t right for this, but that it may be right for SIC PROMOTIONS events.


Waiting on the Lord

It is with heavy hearts that we share that Michelle who Lynsey ministered to for over a year, has turned her back on what God was doing in and around her. She is clearly still very hurt by what has been going on in her life, and as so many of us do, has started to look for comfort in the world again.

A lot of prayer, seeking of advice, and discernment, revealed that God was telling Lynsey to take a step back, let Michelle go, but be there for when she cries out to God again.

This has brought both relief and frustration for us, and we continue to pray that Michelle will actively pursue Him again.

James Glendenning is still in our lives via messenger chats, which is good for Him, its where He feels most comfortable.

Please pray for Him, He is struggling a lot with the lack of that ‘special someone’ in His life, and is worried He will always be alone.

Please pray that God gives him comfort and reassurance, so that this does not overwhelm him.


Who? What? Where? When?

The Lord, through a friend has put us in touch with a young Christian woman without a Church. So far it has been text messages, and we look forward to meeting her.

Lynsey’s cousin out of the blue contacted Lynsey, and to our surprise, it seems she is a Christian now!!!

She wants to come to What is Truth? And we are very excited about this.

Owen, Rodent Emporium’s drummer, is not a Christian, and we believe that one of the reasons God wants the band back together is because God has unfinished business with Him.

Please pray that we have the wisdom to know how best to take these relationships forward.

Hiromi enjoying the Beast from the East snow.


We are in love with each other, and we are continuing to learn how to trust him and love each other better every day!

Indie still needs prayer for her eating, she may have a dairy allergy which we are exploring with dieticians, but she is potty trained now!!!! and an absolute wonder both at home and at nursery.

Hiromi is chatting away all the time, climbing and jumping, and basically being a wild one, she now sleeps in a big bed!!!

Please pray for good health, spiritual protection, and more and more love!

We’d love to share more about our family, so let’s set up a skype or facetime session, or message each other.

Indie smiling as usual :)

CHuRch for mISfiTs

New Church not planted yet,

but we’ve opened the doors anyway

Our meetings with the former members of Bathgate Baptist did not come to anything, which you could say is disappointing, but we are more relieved to have explored it and  accepted that they were not in the same place, which is fine. No point starting a church with the right people at the wrong time, or the wrong people at the right time.

This of course is not the end of the road, and Lynsey and I in response to God’s leading, decided to just start meeting in our house every Wednesday night from 7:30pm-9:30pm as a Church of two misfits for now. We pray, read the word, and meditate on what God is saying to us. It has been a great opportunity for us to really set aside an additional 2 hours a week to spend time with the Lord, seeking His guidance for the mission, and praying for those He has called us to reach.

Our house is open to other Christians who want to share in the mission, and we are praying for those people that God has called to not just fellowship and worship with us in this way, but will also become a part of our core group.

asleep after another day of scum

Bathgate (West Lothian) THIS SUMMER

The Raven, SIC, Development Space, and Open Mics

The Raven

Not only are there stragglers from the closure of Bathgate Baptist, there are also almost 100 people in their early 20’s to early 30’s who once attended a similar outreach to ours, more than 10 years ago. The outreach was called The Raven (stuart helped with it here and there), ran by Bathgate Baptist, led by Andy Livingston.

Andy Livingston

Andy has been in touch with us in recent months, came to our Glasgow meeting once, and He is desperate to see these people he shared the Gospel with all those years ago, renew their commitment, or come to faith for the first time. (He can’t do it, as He lives in Germany now).


Using SIC PROMOTIONS we hope to do a number of things in the area, to not only serve and reach the Raven folks, but all the anti-mainstreamers in the area.

Live Rehearsal (office/development space)

Robin who owns the regional Rehearsal and Recording studio, a known anti-mainstreamer, was surprisingly keen to let us rent space from him at ‘mates rates’, which we could use as space for bands and artists to develop their work, even though He knows we’re doing it for Jesus! THIS IS INCREDIBLE, BELIEVE US!

Glenmavis Tavern SIC venue for community

The Glenmavis Tavern in Bathgate, seems like a suitable venue for us to host a fortnightly and free open mic night for local musicians, artists, poets, film-makers to come and showcase their work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We will be exploring this.

We have a real opportunity here to bless Live Rehearsals with service, and therefore every band that uses it (100’s), and an opportunity to start the only ‘alternative’ open mic night in the region.

All this means, is more contact with more of the people God has called us to.

 Ideally, all of this would be our plans for the summer, but we need the financial support to do it!!!

You will hear more about this in a couple of weeks.


•    Please pray for all the People and People Continued (above), that God would reveal Himself to them, and guide us as we seek to serve them as He leads. •    Please continue pray for Glenda, Del, Adam, James and the all the staff at Nice N Sleazy’s, that God will reveal himself to them. •    We re-asked Glenda for permission via fb messenger (her chosen communication), to advertise our What Is Truth meetings in her pub, so please pray that she responds positively. She hasn’t responded so we plan to visit the pub next week to chat face face. •    Please continue to pray for our family members that engage in our various activities. That they would come to faith.  •    Please continue to pray for our spiritual advisors, Mike & Mary Sares, Keith Short, Mike Kurtyka, Wes White, Andrew & Lorraine McNinch, and Scott & Dani Key. ESPECIALLY WES AND CINDY WHITE AND THEIR FAMILY AT THIS TIME. •    Please pray for the Bathgate Baptist guys, as they wander, or attend various churches. •    Please pray for Indie’s diet and possible dairy allergy, we don’t want her to have it, and we want her to enjoy all the good food that is on offer. •    Please pray for us as we face a summer with very uncertain finances, due to school holidays, it looks like we are facing another 2-3 months of next to no income, except ‘benefits’ which are insufficient to pay our bills, put fuel in our car, and put food on the table, and any other expense that crop up.

•    Please pray for wisdom for us, and that God would reveal exactly what it is He wants us to do this summer in His service, and to provide us the financial support or means of making the income we need.

•    Please pray for energy, strength, and confidence in Him, with all these new activities starting and being promoted 

•    Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner in this missionary  work through tithing and/or a donation.

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