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The Gilmour 4

Dear Supporters, brothers, sisters, family and friends,

We hope this newsletter finds you well. 

We shall start with "us" the Gilmour 4. ;) We are all doing pretty well, the girls are growing and thriving and we are so thankful, they bring us so much joy and a lot more sleep now that Hiromi has started sleeping in the same room as her big sister Indie. Hiromi recently turned a year old and is feeding herself (throwing food around and some does land in her mouth) and making us laugh as she explores her new found speech. Her favourite word is "WOW"! 

Indie is her usual, outgoing self and surprises us everyday with her understanding and observation of the world around her. She is due to start playgroup in early September and we believe she will get a lot out of the social aspects of playgroup and the fun of it all as she learns, makes new friends and gains another little crumb of independence. Stuart and I are busy, and still enjoying our new home although the summer hasn't been too great we are still pleased to know that when the rain falls in our very own garden! 

We are also attending a local Vineyard Church in Falkirk and we are thankful to be back in a fellowship of believers, where we can worship, pray and be fed. They have welcomed us, made us feel at home and from the first time we walked in we genuinely felt God had called us there. I had never enjoyed church more! The girls also love it, they are comfortable and they have a lot of fun! Hiromi likes to play and have a wee nap in the creche and Indie harps all week to go to Church! Long may it continue!


SL TREE has been quiet on the schools front due to the School Summer holidays, so we have not been out delivering lessons since mid June and we do not start back until early September so our income has been zero! However, God's provision through supporters, family and friends has been incredible. He has provided time and time again at the 11th hour and it has been a wonder to experience but has also really strengthened our faith in His provision. He is the Boss and He is making sure we are paid for our work and we have been a lot less stressed out, and fixed our eyes on The Lord instead of on our bank account and it has produced so much spiritual fruit in us as individuals but also in our marriage. We have also been able to bless others financially and with our time. 

In this quiet time of no schools work, we have finially finished our SL TREE Mental Health resource. Entitled "Let's Go Mental" it comprises 7 individual powerpoint modules, with facilitator's notes on each. We have designed it for small groups and can be used like a bible study or an alpha style course for churches and communities. We hope that this resource will provide much needed income in the future also. The modules are: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Negative Body Image, Negative Self Image, Self Harm and Overwhelming Stress. It is now available or sale via our SNLGILMOUR website, where you can also find more information. 


 We have been meeting for a few months now in The Balbardie in Bathgate and in Nice'n'sleazy in Glasgow. We alternate the weeks and started off with different theological discussion topics each week (the above poster is our most recent topic of Aliens and what the bible says about Aliens, what our beliefs are and inviting others to challenge those views and offer their own) we continue with these discussions in the Balbardie and it has been intriguing, controversial, fascinating and often times HILARIOUS. It's very laid back and open to anyone who wants to come along. We currently have no Christians attending, mostly atheist or agnostic but it's a great way for us to learn and discern and we often have conversations that although unplanned they give us an opportunity to minister, share the gospel and pray. 

Nice'n'sleazy is a key venue in Scotland's alternative music scene and after a brief hiatus and opportunity to seek God's leading there, we now go in and pray for the Bar staff, the clientele and God's vision for the future there and in the scene. The manager there has been so welcoming to us and has offered to let us put up fliers and post on the facebook page too, we also chat and get to know the staff there. We are planning a party for September and have provisionally booked a pretty ragin' punk band to play as we struck up a conversation with the barman....who was in the band! We are always very open and honest as to why we meet there and what we are doing and what we hope to achieve.  Our motto is "We love Jesus, but you don't have to". We just wanna hang out and chat and serve any way we can. 

In other Scum ministry, we have a few people that we are in regular contact with who are either feeling disillusioned with God/The church, who need regular prayer or who are exploring a relationship with Jesus. 

I have a friend whom I met on a pregnancy forum a couple of years back who lives down south and through God sending me a dream one night I got back in touch with her and asked how she was doing. The dream was about me and she and her family happened to be in it which was strange so I thought I would message her and let her know that I had had a strange dream and she and her family were in it. I didn't explain the dream as it was disturbing and upsetting. I then asked how she was doing and she wrote back telling me she was having a terrible time of crisis, her world had been shattered and she relayed my dream back to me. The Dream I was shown was actually what was happening in her life. This was back in April and God has really put her and her family on my heart and we talk everyday. I pray for her and discern with her and for situations that arise and she is very open to God. She has shared so much with me, and entrusted so much to me and has allowed me to share the gospel with her. I told her about the dream and explained that I felt God was pursuing her through me and in the last few months God has continued to give me dreams and visions that have played out in her life both spiritually and physically. She has responded so humbly and so openly and has prayed to God to save her, reveal Himself to her, to forgive her and to show her His ways. In the circumstances that she has found herself in in the last few months she has shown an incredible insight, understanding and strength of character. She endures and so she has hope. I am so humbled that God chose me to share in this part of her walk with Christ. The spiritual fruit that it has produced in me is wonderful in the truest sense. Please pray for her and her 2 children. We shall call her "Em", for the purposes of confidentiality.


Please pray for our girls as they grow in this world, and that their fervour for Church grows with them!

Please pray for our finances, that God continues to provide and that the resource sells well. Our other big expense is our car! The car we have has been such a blessing to us and it gets us from A-B (most of the time ;) but we need a bigger vehicle and a more safe and reliable vehicle. At the moment we just cannot see where that would come from.

Pray for our relationships that have been formed and nurtured through Scum, both in Sleazy's and The Balbardie. Pray that it grows and that we remain close to God and seek His will in both places. Please pray for the individuals that come along and that we meet with on a regular basis. Pray that we can form a core group that shares the vision and that we can build on.

Please pray for "Em" and her family as they go through a time of great trial. Pray that God continues to reveal Himself and bring peace and wisdom.

Please pray for or time away with Mike and Mary Sares, they are visiting for a time and we wanna talk "shop" but also be a blessing to one another whilst they are here. We met with Mike Kurtyka today to iron out the last details of becoming affiliates with Communitas/Christian Assoc. Network. We will be setting up an account for donations both from The U.K and the U.S.

Also....please pray that I can begin to write shorter, more succinct newsletters and more often! We have been so busy and so blessed in the last few months that I couldn't fit it all in without you guys falling asleep! LOL 

Finally thank you so much for taking the time to read, support, love, encourage and pray for us! We love you guys, may God bless you where you're at!

Lots of Love, The Gilmours x

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