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An urgent and unashamed appeal for financial and prayer support from Stuart and Lynsey Gilmour

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

also known as Scum for Scotland

We have an opportunity this summer

with only one problem: we need the finances to take it

Spinal Tap performing Give Me Some Money (making light of a serious request)

Shall we begin?

Then we shall.

The opportunity

To share the Gospel, make disciples, and baptise.

To serve, and shine a light in a dark place the Church does not go to.

The Bathgate field is plentiful

There are at least 75 men and women who many years ago attended a Christian ran youth night called the Raven, basically a gig night for goths, punks, skaters, musicians etc who are still connected to us through their former leader Andy Livingston, who desperately wants to see us pursue them with the Gospel. Some of them made a commitment to Christ but fell away, and most of them never made a decision.

There are also around the same number of people still connected to us, via certain friends, who were once part of the Livingston Music Scene that we were a part of in the 2000’s. They too could be described as ‘alternative’.

We are confident that there are hundreds more in the West Lothian area (where Bathgate is situated), who would fall into the same loose category as these folks.

The folks in the field are in need

There is a lot of hurt amongst these folks, lots of reluctant and angry atheism, lots of substance abuse, mental health problems, loneliness, and disillusionment,

and also a lot of trying to do good, righteous anger, shock at injustice, wanting the world to be a better place, and tiredness with the way things are.

The folks in the field are the reason we do what we do

They are exactly who we want to reach, and we now have the opportunity to do so.

You see, they are alternative music lovers, art lovers, film lovers, poetry and literature lovers, conspiracy lovers, debate lovers, hanging out in pubs and café lovers. Just like us.

God wants the folks in the field

We believe God is asking us to make a direct effort to reach them this summer, to at least reconnect and just be on their life radar again, and at best, to share the gospel, baptise, and make disciples among them.

The problem

Scum for Scotland has no financial reserves, stable funding, or budget

Our personal income from SL TREE is not enough to support it

On 31st May, our financial reserves and SL TREE income will be gone.

We are facing 4 months of living only on the Government Welfare Benefits which currently supplement our income.

This will pay some but not all of our monthly bills. It won’t put fuel in our car or food on our table, let alone pay for any repairs on our twelve year old car, and other unexpected costs.

It certainly isn’t enough for us to pay for our ministry costs, transport, hospitality, venue booking, websites, promotion, blessings to others, and all the other costs of what we propose on pages 4 & 5.

The Reasons

Our SL TREE clients are schools, they close for the summer, and May and June are exam times, so they don’t book us again until September (we never earn enough to see us through the summer)

Despite SL TREE we are dependent on government benefits, and live in a council house (public housing).

Our annual income is a 1/3 of what couples working similar hours to us earn who are being paid the Governments legal MINIMUM wage, and we earn £10’000-£15’000 less per year than those earning the Governments recommended LIVING wage.

The choice

So we have a choice:

1. Look for a job

2. Work our butts of trying to drum up business from elsewhere through SL TREE

3. Minister and stick to the mission of Scum for Scotland

We have chosen option 3, and you may see it in one of two ways

1. Reckless and stupid

2. Bold and faithful

Both are correct, doing what God wants us to do, IS reckless and stupid in the worlds eyes.

This is familiar

For the last 5 years since Stuart was made redundant from his previous job, we have explored these options at least 4 times per year, and every time, God says “do Scum”.

Last year we endured an identical situation and it was excruciatingly difficult, with missed payments, overdue fines etc, but God did provide enough for us to survive and weather the storm. Thank you, you know who you are.

We will do this again if that’s what God has for us, but we believe He has a different plan.

The Proposal

A Party to serve the community, and to start or restart relationships

Andy Livingston, former leader of the Raven, has met with us twice to discuss how we (Scum for Scotland) might reach out to those he ministered to for over 10 years.

We agreed that SIC PROMOTIONS and What is Truth? are just right.

It is our hope, that we will using our years of experience, co-host an art party in the summer, (Live Music, Film, Art Installation, Spoken Word, and other activities), to get the Raven alumni, and the Livingston Music Scene alumni together, and to attract the current alternative types in West Lothian.

It would be our intention to use the gifts and talents of many of those who attend, not just in performing, but also in organising, promotions, setting up, taking down, managing etc.

This allows us to serve the community, by creating community, and by investing our time and love into their lives, to offer something creative, social, familiar, comfortable, and hopeful.

It also allows us to have conversations with people, just like Jesus did, just like the apostles did, just as they advised us to do, to live among people, to love people, to engage with people, and to serve.

Something the churches in west Lothian will struggle to do for these particular people.


For SIC PROMOTIONS to be effective in serving alternative creatives and their communities, it needs to be regular or frequent.

We want to host events at least 4 times per year, (at least two in Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow, and two in West Lothian) and in the summer to put on even more smaller scale events and activities.

Alternative Open Mic

We would love to be West Lothians only alternative open mic, a place where alternative creatives can come to test out their work on an audience, to network, to be supported, and always know that SIC PROMOTIONS are people you can talk to about just about anything.

Live Rehearsals (regular presence, regular blessing)

Robin the owner of West Lothians premiere rehearsal studios, has a room available, which he is happy for us to rent for SIC PROMOTIONS.

This would mean we would have a room we could access at any time, where musicians from all over west Lothian come to rehearse, or record their music. The clientele is mostly alternative, as is Robin himself.

The space could be used to offer refreshments to the bands and staff, it could be used as a room for them to take a break in, and it could be used for our own and other musicians rehearsals prior to SIC PROMOTIONS shows.

Robin is even open to the idea of us hosting events in his studios.

What is Truth?

This is an important regular (at least monthly) activity regardless of SIC PROMOTIONS activities, and it doesn’t just attract people from our SIC PROMOTIONS circle, however, it is an excellent opportunity for those we meet through SIC to meet with us again in a less noisy environment, with the purposes of exploring the Christian faith a little further, instead of saying, “why don’t you come to my church?”, we are saying, “why don’t you come to the pub, and discuss faith and belief?”.

Church for misfits

God willing someone will come to faith in Jesus through the service of Scum, and it is good to know that we have set aside a time every week to have a low-fi, minimalist version of Church, in which a new believer (most likely unchurched) can experience worship, bible study, communal prayer, communion, and teaching.

More money = more ministry | less money = more time spent trying to make money to minister

What we can achieve this summer, all depends on what God provides us with financially.

If we have no income, then we will struggle to even pay for the fuel and hospitality required by What is Truth? And everything else won’t happen, because we won’t have any funds to do it.

We will have to spend our summer, trying our best to generate income through SL TREE or job hunting, just to pay the bills and take care of our family, and in turn minister in proportion through what we generate.

Scum for Scotland this summer (June, July, August) could look something like this

· A party of over 100 people, connecting with Christians, experiencing Christ’ love and idea of community.

o Some of those attending What is Truth? Exploring the truth and hearing the Gospel

o Some of those meeting with us for pastoral care and support.

· Numerous bands meeting conversing and being served by us.

o Some of those performing at SIC PROMOTIONS events.

o Some of those attending What is Truth? Exploring the truth and hearing the Gospel.

o Some of those meeting wit us for pastoral care and support.

· Open mics, connecting alternative creatives with Christians, experiencing Christ’s love and idea of community.

o Some of those attending What is Truth? Exploring the truth and hearing the Gospel.

o Some of those meeting with us for pastoral care and support.

· Some people coming to faith in Jesus Christ, who wouldn’t otherwise.

· Christians here catching the vision, and becoming Scum for Scotland, alongside us.

It all depends on what God provides, and we trust He will do what is right, we will work with what He grants us.

The Opportunity for you to make the proposal a reality. To support the great commission in Scotland.


If you can’t afford it financially, then WE EARNESTLY ASK FOR PRAYER AS WE FACE WHAT GOD HAS IN STORE FOR US AND SCUM, whether we have money or not, we will always seek His guidance, and need the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are doing this so that they can hear about Jesus from people who know him,

Not from intermediaries who only serve to slander and mock him, at the expense of their followers salvation, and hope

Remember no one else that we are aware of are doing anything like this for this section of Scottish society. They are unchurched at best, and anti-church at worst.

If this information is enough for you to prompted to financially support us and Scum for Scotland then please do so, by

UK Donors

Can donate by bank transfer to

HBOS account name

Christian Associates Network​

Account: 10166269​

Sort: 80-07-48​

write 'Scum for Scotland' in the reference field

(it’s tax deductible for you)

US Donors

Can donate by visiting

and clicking the donate button

(It’s tax deductible for you)

If it’s not enough information, please let us know, we’d be happy to share more.

It’s not lack of faith in God’s provision

that makes us write this,

It’s faith that His provision comes from His church, you!

How can you support something, if you don’t know about it?

Lots of love in Christ from Stuart, Lynsey, Indie, and Hiromi x x x x

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